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The Clinique Chirurgicale de Laval offers specialized orthopedic surgery procedures to people seeking fast, customized service in a completely safe, secure environment. Patients can count on the kind of highly professional procedure that promotes a speedy return to better health.

The six renowned orthopedic surgeons, all certified by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, also practice in the leading hospitals in the region of Montreal.

As they work and teach in both hospital and university environments, the surgeons all go on developing remarkable dexterity in their surgical technique and work with the greatest expertise.

All the staff at the clinic focus on giving patients the best possible service, ensuring they know just what their operation involves, from preparation through to convalescence. Each operation is performed with the benefit of the combined expertise of the most highly skilled surgeons, anesthesiologists and nursing staff.




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In the current situation, where hospital waiting lists for orthopedic surgery are extremely long, the Clinique Chirurgicale de Laval offers a fast, effective alternative for employers keen to reduce the cost and negative effects of lengthy periods of absence from work.

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